Hello, we are SIDIA

We are a R&D institute located in Manaus (AM), responsible for implementing innovative solutions for the local and global market through research activities and development. We work in the development and quality of embedded software for mobile phones, tablets, new wearable technologies and smart TVs, applications for virtual reality (VR) glasses, augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence and creation of world class games.

Our competences

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Games Studio

Black River Studios, SIDIA’S game studio, is committed in delivering awesome digital experiences in cutting edge technologies. In 2015 we released our first original IP called Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure on Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps.

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Mobile Device Solutions

At SIDIA we develop applications for smartphones, tablets, virtual reality, augmented reality and smartwatches. The team is composed by developers, researchers, artists, designers, usability specialists, among others.

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Software Development

The Product area is responsible for the development and validation of the embedded software on Samsung devices, distributed in Latin America. We work to make your use experience perfect!

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TV Solutions

The Solutions area for Digital TV is where we have been working for the longest time. We followed the development of technologies from an early stage and in 2007 we developed our first DTV in Brazil.

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ANGEST is a story-driven game where your actions can affect the narrative, making each experience unique. A surreal journey presented by Black River Studios to play in the Gear VR. Immerse yourself as Valentina, a cosmonaut aboard a ship in the company of Konstantin.

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SIDIA is always looking for motivated professionals interested in participating in our team of specialists.

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