Software Development

It’s essential to guarantee the final quality of our applications, that's why SIDIA has made constant investments so that the operation of the developed software meets the design specifications and that the experience of use is perfect.
In this area of SIDIA, specialized professionals work on the various software components that make up the Android operating system embedded by Samsung, working from the application layer to the platform core layer, both in development activities and software quality.

Product (Model)

In the Product area there is the development of embedded software on the phones and tablets with Android operating system. SIDIA today is responsible for the development of many versions of Android for all Latin America.


MEGA is the area responsible for all software testing during the final phase of the product development cycle. Through field, user, connectivity, state-of-the-art telecommunications laboratories, and with the support of a Software Test Automation team, MEGA verifies all technical and functional requirements in order to validate and finalize the projects developed in SIDIA about the Samsung´s mobile products. Our goal is to ensure the quality of products and improve the user experience.


This area is responsible for the validation of the software developed in the Model area during the development process. This occurs in agile cycles of validations and corrections. The tests are run by different teams, who validate the software from different perspectives.


Modern laboratories and a lot of technology! This is what we have in this area that is responsible for the validation of software versions in a simulated laboratory environment, with rigid interference control, under the aspects of Communication Protocols through simulation of mobile operator networks.

Other areas in which we operate