Games Studio

Black River Studios, SIDIA’S game studio, is committed in delivering awesome digital experiences in cutting edge technologies. In 2015 we released our first original IP called Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure on Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps. In the same year we had the chance to be one of the launch titles of the Gear VR consumer edition with a VR version of Finding Monsters Adventure. Now in 2018 we continuous our mission to delivery awesomeness in all high end devices.

Art, 3D Models

It is the process of creating the 2D and 3D graphics art of game development. The Game Artist is a visual artist who creates the concept of game art, character models, sprites, textures, etc. In 2016, Black River Studios was awarded SBGames in the category of Best Art, with the game Finding Monsters Adventure.


Writing scripts for the games, define the theme, the genre (action, adventure, children), the scenario, the number of players, the rules and the system requirements. It involves the Artistic Conception (concept, modeling, UX and UI, animation).

Sounds and Effects

The game sound designer is the professional responsible for the composition and implementation of songs, voices of characters and sound effects for the games.

Software development

The main challenge is to make games behave the same way on mobile phones with different characteristics, so usually mobile games are developed on platforms on virtual machines that can run on multiple machines with a single code.

Other areas in which we operate