TV Solutions

In this century, technology has changed the way we watch TV. From a passive and equal activity to all, it became interactive and personalized - the Age of Smart TVs.

The area of Solutions for Digital TV is where we have been working for the longest time. We have followed the development of technologies for Digital TV since its inception, culminating in 2007 in the development of our 1st Digital TV in Brazil.

Our role here is to develop innovative solutions to ensure the best experience of use and quality in applications and interactivity for Digital TV.

Smart TV Applications

Today the Samsung environment is called Smart Hub and is present in the vast majority of branded TVs for sale in the Brazilian market. With the connection to the internet, Samsung Smart TVs inherit the whole feature of the great network by enabling access to a never imagined amount of content.

GINGA Middleware

Middleware or mediator, in the field of distributed computing, is a computer program that mediates between software and other applications. It is used to move or transport information and data between programs of different communication protocols, platforms and dependencies of the operating system.

Other areas in which we operate